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Terrible terrible me!

I totally forgot to stop over here and let my readers know that I have a new BLOG for my new design name - Cabana Girl Designs!   I finally created my own blog for my designs.   Come check it out and grab my portion of the June Blog Train Freebie.... my lil monkey!

I set up the rss and email feeds on the new blog so please sign up to follow me on the new blog!   Lots more blogging to be had there.  

You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook!    YEA ME for finally getting all this done!  And THANK YOU!


Feel the Love Blog Train has pulled into this station

First, I want to say thank you to those of you that left me the wonderful uplifting comments on my last post.  I am still thinking about it constantly and I know I really should just forget about it but its hard.  I am a good person and I just hate thinking of what the parents think of me now.  But the good news is that one of the babies, the one that was treated the worst is no longer there and I am watching him!  He has been such a joy this past week and I have been amazed at how happy and animated he really is.  I am in the process of opening my own in home daycare and until I get my license I can watch only one other family's kids... so he is it!  And he needs this time with my undivided attention and love. 

I have my part of the Feel the Love blog train.  It is a fun project that the designers at Digiridoo Scraps decided on.  The palette and name for this train is the brainchild of Band Geek Designs.  Isnt she just wonderful for taking on this project?  I think so!   If you are just jumping on this train, here is a list of all the other stops where you can find more mini kits to coordinate with mine!  Wow, that makes this a mega train!!!

This is what you are downloading and remember to grab it up quickly because the links will only be active for ONE WEEK and then you can find it in my shop!  Make sure you grab both files because one has papers and the other has the elements and I know you are gonna want to play with both!!!
Free Download No Longer available
You can find it in my shop!

I hope you enjoy this little Valentine treat.  I would love to see what you make with it.  Enjoy the day!


Feel the Love Blogtrain

If you are just coming from Band Geek Designs' blog, then you are expecting my part of this train.  I will have it up for you tomorrow!  I am so sorry for the delay.  I have just been feeling really down this past week and half.  I had to leave my job after the owner's husband got in my face after I made a suggestion that they take what I perceived to be an argument into the other side of the house so the kids in the daycare didnt have to hear, nor did the infant and toddler observer who was sitting there.  He basically said that he was the owner of the house and if I didnt like what he was saying in his home then I could leave.  I felt very threatened and scared so I left.  Now the owner is telling parents that I was fired because I kicked a child.  Now that is just slander and completely wrong.  I am so upset by the whole thing and even though I dont have to have any more communication with that person, it still hurts that she would say that after all the work and love I put into her business.  It seems like I never learn who to trust when it comes to businesses. 

So here are the other stops on the train... Go grab up the rest of the pieces and be sure to stop back by tomorrow for mine!  I promise it will be worth the wait.


All the kings horses....

Hmmm... I have nothing to say about Humpty Dumpty but I couldnt think of any other Royal/Highness/King/Queen songs.  I think I play with babies too much to have that song in my head.

I just wanted to give a quick shout to let you know about 2 special people and where you can find them now!  First up is LouCee Creations.  She has opened up.... well, re-opened up her shop at DSO and you can find her there exclusively!!!!  And she is giving you the royal treatment by having a 55% sale!  HOLY MOLY! 

Isnt this ad the cutest?  It should be because it is made with her newest release, A Royal Wedding.  So if you like it, you should go grab it up now while it is only $2.25!!!  

LouCee Creations is also my newest FAV Commercial Use designer.  Her stuff is TOP NOTCH... I kid you not!  All of her kits and CU items are QUALITY CHECKED by someone else, other than her!  So 2 sets of eyes means great stuff for you!!!  Look at these two new items and then check out the rest of her shop!

Ok next up.... Guess where Ellie Lash is guest designing at this month?  Any guesses?  Hmmm... well, let me show you then... lol

oh... what is that up there? ^ ^   I see... Ellie is guesting at Creative Mundi this month!  And she created this extremely beautiful kit that is exclusive there.   Check it out and maybe you will find other things there you like too!  And keep on waiting for where her next official home is!  LOL.... I was hoping to tell you today but not yet.  Sorry!  :)

Thanks for stopping by to read this!  I sure hope you check out these awesome ladies!  And if you are looking for the blog train, its the post after this! 

My Hearts Dream Freebie and more

Happy February!  Wow, did January fly by or what?  To me it sure did, especially since I was out sick for 2 whole weeks of it.  I had been pretty sick in December but never really got better only worse and then in January, I ended up with the FLU and after still not better, the doctor said I had bronchitis.  A week later I was not feeling any better in spite of all the drugs and another doctor told me I had WHOOPING COUGH.  Crazy but I just got my test results back and I did!  Apparently we have an epidemic of it here in California.  I am on the mend now and have no cough left, only an injured rib.  2 weeks in bed was really really boring so I was able to get some designing done.  I also watched all 3 Twilight movies alot!!!  Yep... and have you all seen this pic released from the scene of Breaking Dawn?
Yes... I so wish that were me!  November cannot get here fast enough!

I have lots to share, including a blog train freebie so keep reading.  I only post things I care about so I would appreciate if you take a moment or two to check them out sometime (hehehe, like the Rpatz video above!!!) 

February brings new things to Digiridoo Scraps such as challenges, a Queen Love-a-Lot Contest, a new Team Collab called Crazy You and next week, a new kit from me!  So much love in the air!  ahhhhh

Do you have what it takes to be crowned our first ever Queen Love-a-Lot?  Stop by Digiridoo Scraps and join in on this fun contest.  Everyone that signs up will get our monthly collab for FREE and you get the opportunity to be the reigning Queen!
And if you like this ad, well, its a sneak peak of an upcoming release from Band Geek Designs.  Shhhh, dont tell her I showed you!

Crazy You is the February Team Collab.  Crazy You is awesome.. I think!  LOL.  I love the color swatch that was chosen from a gypsy skirt.  The contrast in funky colors is delightful and entertaining.  This kit can be used for Valentine themed layouts, love, anniversaries, marriage, date nights, and maybe even for that page about your kids driving you CRAZY!

So while you are playing the Queen Love-a-Lot contest and getting this awesome collab for free, you might as well check out the fun challenges we have in our Corroborree Centre.  This month we have a Color Challenge, a Calendar Challenge, Font Challenge, Quote Challenge, a Scrap Outside the Box Challenge and as always, the Art Journal Challenge hosted by Sarah Barber Designs.

Digirdoo Scraps is looking to add some new talent to our line up.  If you are interested in working with a great team, where decisions are made together and there is lots of camaraderie, then please apply.  All styles and experience levels are welcome. 

Now, I know you are seriously tired of reading right?  Has all this been boring?  Awww... I dont think it was.  How about I'm nice and go ahead and post the blog train freebie?  Yea, does that make you happy?  If you are following the train, then you should have come from Digilicious Designs' Blog.  If you are just finding this post and would love to jump on the train, you can start HERE

I split the kit into two downloads, elements and papers.  Sorry but the downloads are thru 4shared.  I am working on an FTP direct download for ya'll but only if I get lots of  comments!  How's that for bribery?  LOL  Here is the preview of what you are getting.  I seriously need to work on making smaller kits to give away but for now, you get to reap the benefits.  Also, check the Super Important Info folder because I put in a little goodie for you!!!!  :)

Download Elements                  Download Papers

ok, ya'll got lucky.  4shared was SOOOOOOO SLOW tonight, I couldnt even upload my files so you get a direct download!  YEA.  Make sure to say thanks!   The next stop on the train is at eqrAveziur grafic design.   Make sure to leave love everywhere you go so that it encourages us to keep on chugging!

I am not on many CT teams much anymore since I had to go back to work full time but there is one team that I will never leave.  That is the team for Ellie Lash.  Now if you dont know who Ellie Lash is, well, she is almost an historic icon in digiscrapping.  LOL  Ellie started up Sunshine Studios originally back in the day with Studio MGL and Flergs.  She was also at Scrapbook Graphics for a while before retiring and then thinking better of that choice, came out of retirement to sell at Sunshine Studios again.  She is expanding her horizons and you will find her at some new stores this month.  Also, if you dont know this, she sells her Commercial Use products under the name That Girl Design.  So check back tomorrow for the grand opening news and in the meantime, you can find all her products in her personal store.  Oh, and check out her CT's blog.  The Angels always have fun giveaways and I write a weekend wrap up once or twice a month.

As a note, my last months Blog Train Freebie has now been removed as have all other freebies except for the one contained in the post below (Aussie Koalie).  However, I did find it on an illegal file sharing site and it really made me sad.  I do hope that if you download my kits, that you keep them for yourself and direct others to my blog rather than sharing the files.  I love to give away kits and have fun but I will not stand for piracy.  Thank you!


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