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I received two awards this week - whoohoo!

The first is Kreativ Blogger Award. This was sent by Nicole of Digi-Designs who I CT for. You have to go check out her blog DAILY to see all the FREE stuff you can the end of the week, you will have a FREE kit.

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger award are to name 7 things loved and then pass it on to 7 blogs.

7 things I love:
-- My kids - for making me a better person.
-- My husband - for always trying to understand me
-- My dogs, Kasey and Koda - for helping me release my "inner" child.
-- Digi-scrapping - for allowing me to "meet" the nicest group of people
-- My computer - for handling all I do to it with creating layouts, checking email and reading blogs.
-- Hybrid crafts - keeps my hands and mind busy while creating cute gifts.
-- Permanent vacation - for giving me the opportunity to become the person I needed to be and give back to others.

7 blogs to pass this to - uhmmm... let me thing about that and post again.


The second is the Gold Star Blog Award. This was also sent by Nicole. Thank you Nicole!!

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