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Identical cousins... after all

they walk alike, they talk alike and sometimes they even act alike...

Who remembers that TV show? Ok... who remembers that TV and is under 30? I loved that show... I used to watch it on Nick at Night (when I was supposed to be asleep and yes, it was re-runs). Ok, I digress.

I have been super duper busy today... trying to play catch up from being so sick all month, having company, working late nights and the holidays. So here are 2 more layouts. Gentle Whisper by Michelle Pieters @ Digitals. I think this is one of my all time favorite kits so far. I love the look of blues and reds together, plus this kit had all my favs - ric rac, staples, frames.


Nicole said...

Just too stinkin' cute. Great layouts. I love the filmstrip look.

amberd. said...

hot damn we are a cute bunch!
the kids LOVED their visit.

贵阳川麻将 said...

See you in these things, I think, I started feeling good!
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maicher said...

Although we have differences in culture, but do not want is that this view is the same and I like that!
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