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Earth Day!

It's Earth Day here on Earth (the last part only applies to aliens reading this post). I am very excited this year because I get to play a special part in it. Well, its special to me. I get to talk to children and their parents about Earth Day - all day - at work! My local Disney store (not sure if this is nationwide or not) is doing a recycling program where kids can bring in 3 plastic bottles and they will get a refillable water bottle. So I get to hang out in my 100% organic cotton Earth Day T-shirt and talk, talk, talk! Very exciting for me.

If you love Disney, there is so much cute Earth Day stuff which you can find at a store near you or online. Go check it out HERE.

Don't forget to vote in my 3 polls to the left! If you are looking for QP... its 2 posts down! I will be back with new stuff on Friday.


.:Bree:. said...


Sheesh. HAVE FUN!!!

Nicole said...

That's cute. I'll have to call our Disney store to see if we're doing it.

Caryn said...

Very cute. Might have to go off to our Disney store tomorrow. Except it won't have a Sarah, which kinda spoils the fun ;)

Anne of Alamo said...

hey curfew girl!

is it wed and thursday you are grounded? cause I just read at townsquare that you are hosting a speed scrap 6pm our time tomorrow??
are you gonna be able to come out and play? lol

hey, my kids saved the earth today...I asked them what did you save it from?
from garbage was there


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