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You missed all the fun...

by not attending my Speed Scrap. If you did come - YOU are awesome, the best and I love ya forever!!!

For those that didn't come but want to see what all the excitement was about, here are the instructions that I posted, along with my layout.

Mother’s Day is a day devoted to celebrating our mothers, grandmothers, other mothers in our life and of course, us as a mom! What better way to celebrate this special day then to scrap it!

In order to help you a bit (just a teeny, weeny bit) I will tell you that there will journaling in the layout and it will be about YOU!

Step 1: use a light colored paper as the background. This can be patterned or solid but must be light enough to see a font on top of
Step 2: choose 3 more papers, can be solids or patterns but must be two colors that are darker than your background paper and one paper must have both colors in it.
Step 3: Cut your 3 papers into strips. One thin strip, ½ or less and one thicker strip of an inch or more. Each should be 12 long still. You will have a total of 6 paper strips when done cutting. Ink the edges (you can use the burn tool for this). Then layer the paper strips in an order of your choice horizontally on the page. They can be angled and hanging over the page… use your creativity.
Step 4: Choose 1 picture of yourself! Crop this photo so only a portion of you shows. Add a photo effect to it (ie… B&W, sephia, grunge, blur, etc). Then stroke your photo with a light color (if unable to stroke, then mat the photo with paper)
Step 5: Add the following elements: 1 ribbon or string, 2 buttons, and a tag. You can use them as many times as you want, anywhere on your layout.
Step 6: Using the “white” space of your layout, journal about your dreams, experiences, expectations, joys, or daily events of being a mom or wanting to be mom!
Step 7: Create a unique title about you or your layout. Use a mix of alphas/fonts. Add shadows. Save and upload to the gallery and link back to the thread.

Full Credits are in the gallery. Click the image to go there.

For a Mother's Day treat, if you complete a layout using these instructions and send me the link, I will send you the participation prize. How's that sound?


kladle said...

So fun Sarah! Love your layout! What a great idea! I might just have to steal this for the Recipe challenge over at STS, with your permission, of course! Happy Mother's Day!

Anne of Alamo said...

it was a blast my friend...been along time since SSing and I enjoyed it...forgot that it took almost 3 hours to do one...wowza

oh my gosh...I giggle the word verification is that is what you need to go to sleep! ha ha be sedated!

charlie said...

great layout..sorry i missed it..flatout here Saturday morning..Happy Mothersday for tomorrow

Nicole said...

Sorry I missed it, I was at Lacrosse practice until 6 pm ,then we went out to dinner.

I will try to do a layout, but wow, this is complex. lol. jk.

I love your layout. I love the journaling on your tag... ms rockstar! :D

Anna said...

This is a brilliant set of instructions and your LO came out lovely! I know it isn't Mother's Day anymore but if we still do a layout using your instructions, can we still get the participation prize? :-D

Thanks so much either way! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful :)


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