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I wish it were Sunday... Oh oh....

Who loves Mondays? Go on, speak up... ok... that's enough! One more week of school left for Ryan and then 7 weeks of craziness! Any good ideas on CHEAP summer fun? We will do Sea World several times a week (season passes). It is great to go when it first opens up and run around for a few hours then head home for lunch. I know the movies does a free thing one day a week but there are 7 days in a week... I don't think Ryan can play (should I mean) the Wii that much. Share your ideas please........ I need them!

I have been a terrible blogger lately. It just hasn't been any fun to blog, ya know! All I do is post CT requirements and no chit chat. So, I am making some changes. What fun is digital scrapping if everything I do is for someone else. Crazy me... I went berserk applying for CT's last year and while I have had so much fun with them, I don't have time for me. So I am going to be cutting back some and doing more challenges around the digi world. I will post the ones that I am doing so maybe you can join me!

Well, on to the CT stuff....
Digi-Designs by Nicole teamed up with Gettin' Scrappy with Britt and they created this super cute kit called Family Memories. I think they knew those were the San Diego Padres team colors and wanted to make me a special kit! (wink wink). Here is the layout I made:
And here are the full previews of each designer's portion. Click on the image to head over to their blog to download this awesome kit for FREE. Yep.... FREE. You just have to stop by their blog each day this week to grab all the parts. So go... and mind your manners - say Thank You.

I had forgot to post this last week (because I was off at Disneyland, he he) but you should see this. I have seen so many store collabs and I was completely blown away by this one. It is called On the Go and is from the designers at Stuff to Scrap.

Right now the kit is $6.99 but is totally worth it. You get 91 papers, 204 elements, 3 alphas and 3 brag book templates. I made some cute page border cluster starter thing-a-ma-jigs and they are included in the download. Wanna see them??? Too bad... you get to anyways! :)

Uh... yea, that's Edward as my model! he he... It wouldn't of been cute to show you these previews with no pics in them.... ha ha... Ok, well, I just keep trying to use Edward pics as much as I can. I have even been scrapping him... yep yep! I'm obsessed!

Let's see... what else have I NOT shared with you... I really want to post my Edward layouts here but if you need to see them (and you do, admit it) then check them out HERE and HERE.

mmm... oh... Color with Caryn had a new kit come out last week (while I was at Disneyland) that I didn't post yet. This kit is AWESOME!!!! And I am not exaggerating. This is one of the best boy kits I have seen in a while, with lots and lots of unique elements that really capture the boy. It is called All Boy, and boy is it boyish! (ha ha...) You can find this kit at Enchanted Scraps Studios or Digiridoo (Caryn JUST started selling there and its is awesome). While you are checking this kit out, look at the other stuff in Caryn's store. She just put in some blog templates, so you can make your own cute backgrounds!
I created a fun layout with it at a Speed Scrap. I found a fun new place to Speed Scrap - it is called Digiridoo!!! Check out this layout using the famous TaylorMade (no, not the golf clubs) minimalistic style. I don't think this style is for me but its ok for a quirky me type layout.

Now Charlie's Digiscraps has been a busy little gal also. Look (or click, image is linked to her shop) at what she has for you this week!
I love these colors. So bright and fun... I haven't made a layout with these yet (because I was at Disneyland) but the ideas are turning as I look at the pic so watch out. If you buy these lovely Oranges and Lemons THIS WEEK, you will get 30% off! Plus if you stop by Charlie's blog, you will find some freebies from the other CT gals and layout ideas.

Ok, I have more stuff for you and a freebie, but I have a few other things to do first. So... I will be back. One last thing... life is full of crap but that doesn't mean you have to be!


charlie said...

Thanks for th e pimp hun..very much appreciated and yes you should streamline and make more time for you!It's worked so far for me! as far as boys and do the park here alot for the little one..I take my eldest to the movies..just a me and her date..we have play centres.its hard not knowing whats available in your area!

Snowsmoon said...

Thank you for sharing Nicole's and Britt's collab it is outstanding, and you did a wonderful job on your layout. I so Love your clustered border. I so love Colors with Caryn ALL BOY kit too, thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoy yourself and get lots of good ideas for the summer. Thank you for the shout out for Charlie's CTS goodies.

Snowsmoon's Design aka Dawn

Danyale said...

Tooo funny girl! Glad you had fun, can't wait to see your pics.....cause I know you are going to share. Just got back internet,(huge fire here shut off our power all day Sun. into the night...ugh) so I will finish my stuff and post my cool brag book pages tonight when I get home from the J...O...B!

Anne of Alamo said...

I hate streamlining....
hope you stay and play with us! I guess I am gonna have to write it so everyone can see
I like you weirdo!

Caryn said...

Me schmeeee. Just kidding. Girl, if you're not careful, you gonna lose the mojo! Can't lose the mojo. Hmmm... methinks you need a vacation. Hmm?

Summer? What's that? You're asking a homeschooler (read as "my kids are with me 24/7/365) what you can do with them for 7 wks? ;) Lemme tell ya, that's precisely why our "summer" vacation is only 4 weeks long :D

Park? Get a slip 'n slide for the back yard? And there's a whole buncha stuff here (hope that link works!)

I've got a bunch more stuff on my computer. Your kids crafty? You know where to find me...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! Your blog looks great! Thanks for using my kit and for keeping me posted! I am glad I got to see it!

Cara said...

Sarah! Great blog :o)

Anonymous said...

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