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Day 2 in so many ways.

With the start of July, not only did I decide to cut back on commitments, I also decided to work on the structure of the household. So no more eating in front of the tv (or computer), no more giving in to the kids, no more snacking all day, no more of a lot of things. My poor kiddos... they are just in shock! I mean, they had to eat dinner at the TABLE. My oldest kept asking me why... and of course, I gave the best mommy answer of all times... because I said so! He did not like that answer after a couple times of hearing it and then said, tell me why, but not because you said so.... Dang. Once they finally accepted that we were sitting at the table and that was just the way it was, it was so enjoyable. Listening to my boys interact with fighting is a pleasure... a rare one! So changes, here we come!

I went to the orthodontist this morning and of course, it makes my mouth hurt later in the day as my teeth began to shift with the new wire and what not. So I took a long long nap on the couch. I woke up to dinner made by hubby and my 4 yo passing gas on my head. SO gross!

And I just finished up my layout for Challenge 1 of my Challenge a Day! So I had to use the song title 1234, by Plain White T's. Here is how it turned out.

I used a new kit by Deb Fisher Designs. It is called Paper Trails and as you can see in the preview below, its adorable! I won it last week by leaving a comment on her blog (which I follow because I love her stuff). Deb sells at Pickleberry Pop, a shop filled with awesome kits. Stop by Deb's shop or blog for more great stuff.

Challenge 2 has been posted in the forum. Also, notice the upper left hand side of my blog - I added an easy access link. Just click that circle that says Challenge a Day. Thanks Caryn for adding that to your homepage (and letting me hijack the image).


Danyale said...

Hey chick....hang in there, it will all come together. Thanks for the links, went blog!

amber said...

I am SO in love with that layout, Sarah! GREAT challenge! I don't know if I can hop on daily, but I'll definitely be checking them out.. Thanks for the reminder :)


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