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I'm a bad bad girl....

and uh, yea, I like NEVER ever blog anymore. I hate being busy....

So, what is everyone up to? Has school started back for ya? It did here... on July 27th!! Ryan started 3rd grade and Dylan started preschool. The preschool is at a local school for only 3 hours but still... I was so excited, thinking wow, all kinds of time for me! Uh, NOT!!!! Dylan has to be there by 7:45 in the morning.... why so early I dont know.... but I drop him off, spend about 10 mins there helping out (the kids all go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast so I help them), then head home. I get my coffee and me and Ryan walk to school (his school is around the corner). I stay with him till the bell rings then head back home. By this time, it is 8:30 and I only have 2 precious hours until I have to leave to pick up Dylan. If it is my hubby's day off (he is off on Wed and Thurs - fun times with restaurant managers), then we usually head off to do errands. If I am by myself, depending if I worked the night before, I either lay back down for a nap or take the dogs for a walk. I have found some day time speed scraps around the digicommunity, and I have been reading alot more. I just finished up book 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse series (the HBO show TrueBlood is based on these books) and now I am reading a new series by Kelly Amstrong, the Summoning. So far, its ok.

So, you? Anything new going on? Read any good books? Got any recommendations? What about movies? The last movie I saw was Transformers 2. We aren't big movie theater people here, especially since it is like $10.50 for an adult ticket.... But we did watch the funniest show on tv the other day. Hitch, with Will Smith was on tv and I had never seen it but had always wanted to. It was funny and it was on sale for $6.99 this week at Kmart so we grabbed it up. I also got the 4 Benji movies for $5 at Walmart. My kids love movies about dogs and cats, or animals in general so they loved watching it.

I have lots of layouts to share but dont feel like going to all the galleries to get the links... he he....I am so tired tonight and am gonna head to bed now! But I did want to share this layout that I made today at a speed scrap at Gotta Pixel... I love how it turned out!!! Click the image to go to the gallery for credits.

Now mostly everything is from 2 people.... Connie Prince and Deb Fisher Designs.

I am a new stalker of Connie's and love how all most everything she makes works so well together. I love that about a designer. Connie loves Twitter and Facebook like me so stop by there (the words are linked with her info) or her blog and say hi to her. Connie sells at a million places... lol. Ok... not that many. She sells at Gotta Pixel, My Life and Scrap and some other places so follow her.... lots to see.

I love Deb Fisher Designs and have talked about here before as well as shared a layout. I love that her kits are simply but stunning and they and the Oddbits elements work so well with any layout and are perfect for that finishing touch. You can find Deb on Twitter or her blog and she sells at Pickleberry Pop. Make sure to say Hi!

Ok.... nite all!


charlie said...

oo great layout..I'm hooked on true season one last weekened..watched it all day long, onto season 2 and have only two more epi to watch and I'm officially caught up to you guys..can you tell I'm addicted!lol

Danyale said...

hmmm, scrapping, reading, school?.......Same here....starting book one this week, and hope to finish them all so I can rent season one to catch up. Have to see what all the fuss is about. Glad to see you are alive and well......take care, gurl

Jennwhite said...

The layout is great - don't know how you can do that well on a speed scrap, I scrap too slow I guess.
I'm enjoying the quiet around the house now that everyone's back at school, but boy does it make the noise volume when they get home seem worse! I'm reading a Jan Karon book - pre-quel/sequel to the Mitford series. Not my usual stuff, but found this at the used book store.
Movies? People go to movies? We've been watching John Hughes films at home all week in honor of his passing. 16 candles is still a classic!


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