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Lucky Ducky

Are you lucky? A BIG winner? Hit the jackpot, baby! Poker, craps, slots? Which is your fave? Or are you like me and find it hard to pull even a nickel out of your pocket? Online Vegas Casinos, or virtual casinos are popping up all over the internet and they are quite popular. What is your take on them?

Well, if I wasn’t opposed to losing my money, then I would say that I don’t have enough info to make a decision. So, let me educate myself (and you) about Online Casinos. First off there are several types of online casinos. Some are web-based (where you just play the game thru the internet, similar to games on Facebook or Some require you to download software and play thru the software, such as Warcraft. Last are live games where you interact with other players in real casinos.

Which of those appeal to you? For me, I would go for the web-based games as to not have to worry about spyware or malware being installed on my computer. Plus I like the idea of just jumping on to play a game where ever and whenever I want. I do like playing card games online at Pogo. I play hearts or spades against a group of people and we interact thru an online chat similar to Yahoo Instant Messenger. Its fun and I’ve made a few online friends that way. While I have never played Warcraft or other games where you download the software or install a cd-rom, many of my friends and family have. They love it and especially love the interaction they get by being part of something. Live games tend to scare me a bit… especially with gambling. I mean, is there a webcam recording every action? I don’t know and it’s not something I want to try out either.

Now, do you think this is a legit game? What I’m saying is can you trust the gaming site? Well, many of the sites use the same software and therefore are hoping that the more trusted a software company is the more likely you are to use their site. So do big name companies mean security and honesty? Uhm… yea right! We all know what big name companies do (but that is for another topic). Now if you are an online junkie (like me, lol), would you be more inclined to play games on a site that is affiliated with Facebook or Twitter? What about a site affiliated with Playboy? Or the NFL? I think that which online sites can be trusted is based on trial and error and by the opinion of friends and family.

Now many online casinos, such as Vegas Red, offer you a sign up bonus for joining their site. Currently Vegas Red is offering an $888 free bonus. So, do you think you can sign up and then cash out on this $888 bonus? Don’t get your hopes up. Many of these gambling sites only let you play with the bonus. Some only give you the bonus to use after you have deposited a matching amount of your own money into their site. And some offer bonuses only after you have lost… er, waged so much of your own money first. But it is a big initiative to get you in the door, especially if you are only wanting to try it out or play with no or low wages. Even non-gambling sites offer a sign up bonus, such as a free song or a free digital scrapbooking kit.

If I were into gambling I might be willing to try this out. After all, I gave Facebook a chance and now I am freakin’ addicted. LOL. Then I tried out Twitter, and uhm… yep, addicted. So my philosophy is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Then you can say whatever you want to about it.


Sara E said...

ok... what spurred the big gambling bit here?

Jeff actually went to the Casino by us last night with one of his buddies... did pretty well.. but stayed up most of the night so he crashed super early

Jill said...

I have the same issues with gambling in general. For seven years my husband and I actually lived in Las Vegas and we gambled maybe 10 times or so right after we moved there and then never again! I would so much rather spend my money on something than throw it away in a machine. I know a lot of people consider it and amusement, like paying for a play or movie or theater, and in that case I say they should go for it! But in mine, I'd rather be entertained in a way that doesn't give me a headache with all the bells and whistles and blinking and flashing lights. I looked at the Vegas Red site, i am so glad you pointed out about having to pay in before receiving the bonus, while it makes sense (who really wants to just give you money?) the add makes it seem a bit different. Thanks for sharing your point of view!

Anonymous said...

I do terribly at the online casinos. I suppose that makes me the perfect mark for those types of places, lol. I hadn't heard of this one yet though, I'll have to check it out. If it's as nice as you put it then I guess it's worth a snoop or...three. :D


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