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Say it isn't so...

I just have to share something with you.... I know its well past Groundhog's Day but the day after, I was reading a blog post by Pamela Donnis when I busted up laughing. All along I thought Groundhog's Day was something silly but little did I know it was even sillier than I imagined. You can click HERE to read the entire post but the part that cracked me up was this:

I was explaining the tradition to my husband, and he said, ”Six weeks until spring or six more weeks of winter–that’s the same thing!” Yeah, that’s why it’s funny

I just kept reading that part over and over until I finally realized how stupid it was! LOL. Of course, I had grabbed the cute little groundhog that Pam offered as a Freebie not knowing when I would use it, but having to have it nonetheless!!!

Yes, some days I am utterly lost! ha ha.... So, this whole thing comes into play when Michelle Underwood posted a new kit for her CT to play with. It is called I {heart} Spring and I just love the bright colors and fun elements in this kit! Within minutes of downloading I was already making a layout (seriously, not normal for me). I was inspired by the Spring theme and the entire layout came together with NO picture. I was done and then realized I needed to find a pic. Well, I didnt have any cute Spring photos, but when I saw the wide open, shocked look pic of my oldest son, an idea just POPPED into my head. I grabbed that lil groundhog and thru him in the layout, along with my son's freakingly wide opened mouth picture and tada!!!

Click on image for full credits

And look below for the full kit preview! So many possibilities with this kit. Click on the image below to see it in the shop at 2 Peas in a Bucket.

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL!!! I am SOOOO glad you are the first post I spotted on my blog roll this evening!

Just got my PC back up and running after finding it would not load Windows or even allow me to F8. Of course, this was all while I was camped out on the sofa using Robert's laptop while recovering from my surgery!

SO, reading a GOOD chuckle after a, somewhat stressful day has me smiling BIG!

Lovely layout and Pamela's ADORABLE ground hog is PERFECT!

Leaving you some LOVE honey and hoping that ALL is well your side of our golden state!



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