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Well, July ran away from me also! My kids started back up at school on the 21st. I started working FULL TIME on the 26th. My oldest turned 9 on the 31st. And now its already the 7th of Aug... Holy Macaroni... Its gonna be 2011 before I ever have time to post anything awesome! LOL. I do want to share the info below with you because it is just SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR. Also, you can read the August edition of the Digiridoo Scraps Newsletter HERE (I think there is a surprise in there).

Did you know that every month there is a brand new, HUGE mega at DigiridooScraps that you get free with each and every purchase, no matter how small!? This month’s is SO much fun! It’s called “Be the Artist.” Take a look….







Told you it’s huge! LOL!

Remember….FREE with ANY purchase!

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