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A freebie for you....

Ok, please do not look at the horrible mess my blog is under right now.  Its one of the millions of things on my To-Do List and kinda like a work in progress as I only get x amount of time to move stuff around.

This week I had the privilege of working with a kit from an old friend, Jewel, who designs as Mad Genius Designs.  Her kit Trick or Treat is full of fun vibrant Halloween colors.  I couldn't resist the eyeball papers and created this layout. You can find Mad Genius Designs at DigiScrapDriveIn. 

And I dont know why but I can't post any freakin links on my blog right now.  Ugh!!!

And because I had soooooo much fun with this, I created a QP and a cluster just for you!  The QP is the same as my layout and the cluster is the fence and such (with and without the tree).  I think the cluster would be a cute blog header too! Its all in one file folks so move your mouse HERE ( to download from 4shared!

Thanks for stopping by!  I promise I will get my blog fixed back up and I will also share with you what I have been up to lately.... It starts with a D and ends with a G!  Can you guess?

Sorry for the issues with downloading, hopefully it will work now.  If it does NOT work still, please just copy & paste the 4shared URL & you can access it that way. Thank you, and sorry again!


karenshelly said...

This is so cute, but I can't get the 4shared link to work here or from your newsletter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this nice QP but it's impossible to dowload it to 4Shared, your link isn't good.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm like everyone else, I tried to download last night and came back today to see if it was fixed, but it was not. The 4Shared Link does not work at all.
It's a shame this is so cute. Hope it gets fixed.

Beth said...

If you copy & paste the link, it works just fine.

Jewel said...

Thanks for this Sarah - soo cute! I wish I could offer some help on the blog link issue, hope you get it sorted soon. Thanks again for helping spread the word about my kit - you rock!


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