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first post - how i got started

Today I have started a new blog to display my digi scrapping layouts.

I have heard about digi-scrapping a year ago but wasn't ready to make the jump. I loved creating with my hands for the relaxing effect. I still do but there is so much more going on now that there isn't time to pull out the supplies and finish up with the ink or glue before the kids come around my stuff.

I started playing around with some Shabby Princess kits that I had downloaded for free and made my first LO. It wasn't too bad for not knowing the program I was using - PS7. The best part was that it was FUN. All the options - make it big, make it smaller, change the color, use it again... LOVED it.

I also really liked making my own computer backgrounds and who wouldn't want to showcase their kids, pets or other favorite thing in a way that works best for them.

As things moved along, I became addicted to downloading freebies. There are some awesome designers out there. It is just amazing how artistic some ladies (and a few men) can be when it comes to this. I think it would be fun to learn to design. I know a little - very very little - and I am sure it is very time consuming. So again - thank you to everyone who gives freebies so newbies like me can get started in this wonderful digi-scrapping world.


Catherine said...

Well, welcome to the world of blogs! I think I honestly could have written your first post in my own blog lol! I started with PS7, and wound up getting PSX2 for Christmas last year. I've only been digiscrapping since May of last year, and my sweet hubby just bought me a 750G external drive to store all of my - mostly free - scrapping goodies ;o) Are you comfortable working with PS7 now? If you need anything, I have tons of resources for tutorials that I would be happy to share with you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog :o) I really appreciate your insight. I am also going to have to try those seabands... I've known people who have sworn by them, but my nausea hasn't ever been as bad as this time. I do have a bottle of Zofran left over from my last 2 pregnancies and it is amazing! I just hate taking it if it's not crucial =D

Have a fabulous day, sweetie, and thanks again for stopping and saying hi!

HSDesigns said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog....I LOVE your design here too - SO CUTE! I am bookmarking you and will be checking back often to visit you!Have a great day!

Lara´s Digi World said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
And I´m chuffed I stopped by yours. OMG, this is going to be a very cool place to stalk! Good luck with your new blog and scrapping!


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