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My 1st Speed Scrap

Tonight I participated in my first Speed Scrap at Scrap Matters. Sheesh, not only does one have to do the LO fast (2 hours or so) but there are all kinds of requirements, like certain elements or don't use journalling!

Actually, it was fun once I got the hang of it - I couldn't get logged in... couldn't enter the chat room... couldn't load my LO on time... didn't win the participation prize :( Ahhhh... oh well... next time I got it.

Check out my LO - don't laugh either!

You can view it larger here


buying penny stock said...

im your favorite reader here!

LindaJD said...

Hi there, many thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) your layout is Beautiful, I have never done a Speed Scrap as I find it hard to get into chat but it sounded like fun, I was just reading through your blog and saw the layout of your new home, it's Gorgeous! you must be so pleased, I wish you and your Family all the Very Best in it and hope it's a Happy Home for you :)
Hugs - Linda

SarahB said...

Pretty layout! Love the flower border!

Kelly said...

I love this page and would like it in a frame on my wall.


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