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A few LO's that I have been wanting to get up

This LO is from my last Speed Scrap @ Scrap Matters. I didn't finish it in time... kids were screaming, hubby was grouchy, etc... I think it is cute but I am sure it could use some professional help (not couch related). I have to type up the credits still but mostly everything is from designers at Scrap Matters - Ellie Lash, Erica Zane, Haynay.

This LO I did after school let out in June. This was my son's 1st grade class. We made a special "flower" box for the teacher. I will have to post pics of it as it turned out super cute... hybrid. Anyway, the LO isn't the best...the pic is distorted. I need to learn how to use the filters to fix my horrible pics - do not take good pics at all. I did say that I am teaching myself PS7... gimme a break. Uhhh... credits. Yea, I will have to spend some time digging for these. This was before I knew better and I also split my kits up. I am still trying to decide which method works for me.

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