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Speed Scrap 10.22

Well, another exciting night for me! I participated in another GREAT speed scrap at ScrapMatters. I really love these. I think because I don't know what is coming that I have to think harder (did that make sense?). And sometimes it just turns out great - like tonight!

Credits (and larger image)
Isn't this so adorable? Do you know how hard it is to get a great pic of a puppy? This is Koda. He is now 9 months old and is at least 2-3 inches taller than my female - Kasey - who is a year older. Koda is so goofy. He slips and slides when trying to run, falls over his own feet and has an abundance of hair which makes him look like a large teddy bear (until today when I gave him a haircut, now he looks like a mangy mutt). But everytime I see those eyes of his, I just stop. How can I get mad at that face????? He is just like one of the boys... even with the whining!
Ok, here where the instructions for tonights Speed Scrap.
1. Pick one picture and use this as your main photo on your page. Then take that same picture and crop it so we can see only part of the main picture and use it as a secondary picture on your page. The secondary picture should be smaller than the primary picture.

2. Pick two background papers…One solid and one patterned. The patterned paper should not use up more than 50% of your background.

3. ok...this one is a weird one but had to keep you guys on your toes. Add some circles to your page…to figure out the minimum amount of circles you should add take the first number in your age. Now I am not going to ask you your age…just be honest. For example, if you are 35, add at least 3 circles to your page.

4. Frame both your pictures and attach them with some sort of clip. (hanging clip, paper clip, clothes pin type clip, etc

5. Add at least one ribbon, one string and stitches. Embellish any other way you would like.

6. Add a title. The title must be more than one word and one of the words MUST be in an alpha, the rest must be font.

7. Date your page and journal if you wish.
Try it for yourself and see - it really does make you think (come on, it doesn't hurt). Then head over for the next speed scrap. You can check HERE to see when the next one is... there is usually two a week. One is a daytime scrap and the other is at night.
The next one is 10/23 at noon PST! Hope to see you there.


Nicole said...

I am glad you told me about these. This was a lot of fun. So was today's, although I thought her's was harder for some reason. lol. Love your LOs!

HollyinPA said...

This is so cute!!! Great job!

Kelly said...

what an awesome page. Koda looks soooo sweet!
love mom

Kelly said...

Elvis would make a good subject for this lay out


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