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Speed Scrap 10.23

Yup... you read it right! Another one. 2 layouts in 2 days during 2 speed scraps...
what fun!

Today's instructions were:

Choose 3 papers. Two solid and one patterned
Choose at least two pictures; place them in a row. Any direction is fine
I’m telling you this now, so you have time to work with it…Your title needs to be creative. Use at least one alpha. Have fun with your title.
Add some string
Add some kind of stitching
Add something from nature…example: flowers, trees, leaves, stars, etc
Put an initial somewhere

Now this seemed really easy compared to last night but it was so much harder. Maybe because we had much more freedom. I actually got mine uploaded with 2 minutes to spare and posted in the forum on the DOT. Whooooo!

Are you wondering why one would put themselves thru all this drama in a short amount of time? Did I tell you that if you complete your layout and get it posted in the forum and gallery in time (keywords there) you get a participation prize (pp). These vary and are all created by the designers at Scrap Matters.
Today's pp was this:


HollyinPA said...

I am so upset that I couldn't complete the looks like such fun! You & Nicole made some awesome pages! I'm so jealous :p I had to uninstall PSE & reinstall it & do updates before it would work again. I hope my daughter gets over this cold SOON!!! Please let me know of the next SS you hear about!!


Nicole said...

This was a blast. I am excited for the next one too!


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