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Twilight Junkies...

I am addicted to newsletters! I subscribe to alot of them, let alone all the blog updates I get emailed to me. So during a session of checking ALL those emails, I ran across the newsletter for Lettering Delights (fonts). I decided to look around and see if any new fonts caught my eye because guess what! - I am a font junkie!

Guess what I found! Yea - Twilight fonts and clipart! I thought it was hilarious! I only saved one pic but the werewolf was there also. Check it out because RIGHT NOW you can get the Twilight Rival Bundle for 50% off - a great price of $7.98 and includes Edward font, clip art and words AND Jacob font, clip art and words....

I still haven't read the books. I must be the only one left who hasn't. Maybe someone will point this post in my hubby's birthday is coming up in about 10 days (oops, don't tell anyone).

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