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Busy as a... bug?

Ok, call me CRAZY but I have been so encouraged by getting on Nicole and Amber's CT that I decided to enter a CT Contest at Scrap Orchard. So first, I have NEVER entered any kind of contest because I wasn't sure I could handle the disappointment but as a new digi -gal I feel that I can take this challenge and use it in ways that are helpful personnally and creatively (is that a word?).

For our first assignment, we had to take their June Collab - called JuneBug - and create two layouts with it. Deadline for this is Nov. 5th and on Nov. 7th they will announce who will move to the next round. So here are my two layouts... whatcha think???


Nicole said...

You definetly win! :D

HollyinPA said...

Very nice..I like them both...good luck! I'm sure you'll win, too!


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