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Speed Scrap 11.5 (yea... I'm slow)

Ahhhh.... I was able to fulfill my speed scrapping addiction! I participated in a great speed scrap at Scrap Matters. If you still haven't tried it, what are you waiting for???? These are so fun and challenging. Are you afraid of a challenge? Don't be because this one benefits you. You have to stretch your imagination at times and it is worth it.

Below is my LO from the speed scrap. The story behind this: last week I was on my computer and I hear my 3 year old calling me. Hey Mom! help me. I'm hanging. At that word, I turn around only to see him hanging from the edge of our dresser that is in the living room. He learned to pull the bench from the kitchen table over to the edge of the table... walk to the end and jump about a foot only to grab hold of the dresser... and PULL himself UP!!! Aggghhhh... nothing is safe anymore.

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