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Such a sad day!

I never planned on writing too many personal things here but around 8:30 this evening I received an email from the Director of the volunteer program I am involved with.

One of our most cherished members passed away today - suddenly with no forewarning. She was a bright and lively person - with a big smile and hug. Her name is Donna. She just retired a week ago. Apparently she was diagnosed with high blood pressure a week ago and started medication and today... gone. They think it was a cardiac event but we will have to wait for the Medical Examiner's results.

The email ended with "say I Love you to someone tonight". That is what I wanted to say to everyone. Remember - always tell people how you feel because they might be gone the next day and you will carry that regret and guilt for a long time. It is inevitable to not. The burden of forgotten goodbyes is big so tonight... tomorrow... and all the days - remember to tell your loved ones that you LOVE them.


kladle said...

Aaah, Sarah, I'm so sorry for your loss of a friend. You are so right, you never know. Thank you for the simple reminder of not taking it all for granted!

Nicole said...

That is too sad. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Also, what a great reminder. Thanks.

HollyinPA said...

So true, Sarah. I think about that almost every night! Sorry for your loss! It is always tough when it is unexpected! I'll be thinking of you & her family!

Kelly said...

I know how close you are to your group. I"m sorry you have lost a friend. "I love you"


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