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thankful thursday... uh-oh, its not Thursday yet...

OMG... My brain is fried, seriously! I should go to bed and not even post this right now but I will because tomorrow is a busy busy day!

I have been meaning to start a fun daily theme but you know what gets in the way each week.... life. yea! How does that happen?

Onto the layout... two in one day (hmmm... not sure this counts because technically it is Wednesday already - 2 hours and 46 minutes into it). This LO is made with an adorable fall kit from SandraK Designs called Mellow Autumn. It is available at Pretty Scrappy (forum and gallery are having issues so check back, ok). This kit has the great fall colors of orange, browns and greens but what I like the most about it was the fun elements. Did you see all those cool flowers and leaves?
Also, I have a question for my "fan club" - uh... you know who you are! Hi Kathy!!!! Kidding - lack of sleep. What do you think of this picture? Not the pic in general but my uh, whatcha call it, technique on it. I like to play around with the buttons on my computer and see what things do and this is what I came up with today but I like it... soft and light. Tell me what you think, honestly ok? Because if it is horrible, I shouldn't do it again.

BTW - that is me with my oldest son close to the last day of school in June 2007. I was privileged to spend alot of time volunteering in his class and became buds with his teacher and all the kids. We decorated cookies, made turkey cards out of ribbon and key tags, did tons of crafts each Friday, tried new drinks from Starbucks (minus the caffeine) and even made up Who names as we walked to the theater to see Horton hears a Who. (Yes, the LO with the crazy hat and face is from the same classroom.) Those kids taught me to be a better person by just being myself and to them and the opportunity that was allowed to me, I am eternally grateful.


Danyale said...

Happy Pre Turkey day!....As a newbie I strive to always leave notes on other blogs I find digi searching, so when I saw this the traditional scrapper came out in me. I love the layering and shadows, it makes the layout look like you can reach down and touch. The effect on the photo is really cool, pulling out one color even with a Sepia look.....makes everything blend well with the kit. Very sweet layout!

Nicole said...

Can I be in the Simply Sarah Fan Club too please. Totally making you, and all us 'fans' a blinkie! :D

What does the journaling say? I can't read it. I do like how it turned out though.

kladle said...

Okay, number one fan here....Okay, maybe I'm the President of the Fan club ; ) Nicole, you are definitely in the club!

Anyway....I don't know if I can be objective. So, take my comments for what they are worth (not much, I'm sure). I love it! Love the way your picture turned out, whatever you did to it, you did good! I have a picture I'm trying to work on, and I'm having issues, it just turns out grainy, like the pixels are too distorted. I stink at that. You are a pro! Love it all!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


kladle said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the shout out! That was fun to be reading along and WHAM there I am! You rock!

HollyinPA said...

I totally makes it blend with the colors in the kit. Maybe posting the original photo would give us a little more to go on as far as just looking at what you did to the photo.

I miss volunteering in my kids' classrooms!!! I practically lived there for years! I home school this year, so I guess I'm volunteering 24/7 now, huh? LOL! I was PTO pres, secretary, etc. & we were very active with that too. In fact dd2 grew up there & when she started Kindergarten, she was the messenger for all the k-2 teachers since she knew where EVERYTHING was!! LOL! Miss those days!

Anyway, awesome LO like always!!

HollyinPA said...

Oh, yeah...let us know what buttons you were pushing...I tried to play with the photo on my LO for Nicole's Gratitude & I couldn't get it to work! I really like the tone of the photo!

Kelly said...

love the colors and the pic is cute too!

amber said...

I, too am a self-professed fan who loves the photo work.. Nicely done! :)


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