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turning 33

No, it wasn't today! It was 2 weeks ago and I thought this cute template worked great as PRESENTS...

I used Mel Hains kit call Tulips and Teacups for this layout. You can find all of Mel's awesome kits at Snap and Scrap. She also gives away freebies on her blog and right now there is a Winter wonderland theme going on.

If you haven't been over to Snap and Scrap yet - you really need to go. Right now there is a Countdown to Christmas Hybrid gift-making challenge going on. 6 weeks of gift ideas with the Snap and Scrap team showing you how. Complete all the projects, submit to the gallery and you can earn a percentage off your next order... so cool! Plus there are some super duper great gift ideas. Look for mine on Dec 4th - I will show you how to make a Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar.


amberd. said...

YOu look hesitant to be turning 33.

? hehehehe. Too late!

Nicole said...

Oh weirdo. You had a fun birthday. Cute layout, love the picture. lol. :D PS: Driving in Paris sucks, but it's fun!

Kelly said...

Happy B-day


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