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What's black, pink and has cute poodles?

A super cute kit called Mamzelle Allie from Katey Green available at Digitals. This kit is on SALE right now for $3.68 - go here to check it out! Want to see what else Katey has in her shop... ok, Click HERE.
Uh... yea... that is not me up there! That is my sister - she was so excited that we were having a Girl's Night Out while I was visiting her in St. Louis last year. I think she needs to get out more often!!

Ok, this one IS me... yes, I am making faces. I volunteered alot in my son's 1st grade class last year and this hat belonged to one of the girls. I had to try it on because its PINK! How do I look?
Ok... go check out all the awesome stuff available at Digitals. They have crops, challenges and great designers. Go - see you there.


amberd. said...

ahahaha! You look like Satan in a pink hat! lol! nice eyes! And oh man! i can't believe you just scrapped that pic of me! too funny. I cracked up. apparently i do need to get out more. and by the coming to see you in about 3 weeks. holla!

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