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Are you looking for great CU items...

then look no further!

There are so many awesome products in her shop and I only checked out one of them... Check out her sale!! DSW * Digitals * Commercial Use

And make sure you head over to Bannerwoman's blog where she has some awesome freebies right now

BTW - if any of my family members are reading this - I would like a gift certificate to Digitals so I can load up on this stuff.

Stuff I want:
grunge borders
doodle borders (love those)
cute doodles of all kinds
cardboard pieces (love those too)
folded overlays
hmmm.... I could go on and on!


Bannerwoman said...

HI Sarah! I am so glad you found my blog! I hope you enjoy the few little freebies I have posted there this week! I appreciate you passing my retirement sale info along! I hope you get a few things from your wishlist! Tis the season after all! :)

kladle said...

Sarah, I like your thinking, posting what you want on your blog. Great idea!


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