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I fell off the wagon... he he... I am back on now! This week was crazy around the house - painting, cleaning, and vacation! So I updated my 365 blog tonight and there is alot to look at.

I'll be back in the morning with lots more to post... new kit releases, fun contests and more!

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

And you Ms. Sarah are a BETTER woman than I!!! I have two weeks to catch up and had hoped to start tonight, but NO go! Well, there is ALWAYS tomorrow, eh?

LOVE your PRETTY PINK blog dress!

I am SOOOOO excited about you and Vicki meeting up with each other! I just chatted with her a few minutes ago and her time is coming along quickly!

I shall hop over to gander at your photos when I arise in the morning, unless of course, I am horribly sidetracked and forget where I was headed!!! Gosh, I've been doing that entirely TOO much lately!

Have a GORGEOUS day sweetie and I'll catch ya on he flipside!

Linda :)

P.S. I've not forgotten about the styles. I am going to try my hand at putting together a video tutorial! WOO HOO!


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