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My Birthday Wish.... will you help it come true?

I normally do not mention my birthday at all. It comes and it goes. If I get a card, email or phone call... great! If not, oh well. I dont dislike growing older, its more that my birthday always happens during the time of the year when everything in my life (childhood mostly) was going bad. But this year I have chance to change all that negativity surrounding my birthday. I have made a Birthday Wish and if my wish came true then I would have the best birthday ever!

I'm turning 34 on November 9 and this year I'm donating to a good cause: Kawasaki Disease

You can read about my wish here -----> MY BIRTHDAY WISH

If you are unfamiliar with this disease, click on the HERE to find out more. A brief summary by the Mayo Clinic describes it as: Kawasaki disease, named after the physician that first identified it, is a condition that causes inflammation in the walls of small- and medium-sized arteries throughout the body, including the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle. Kawasaki disease is also called mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome because it also affects lymph nodes, skin, and the mucous membranes inside the mouth, nose and throat.

This disease is scary... very scary. For me, my 15 month old first born son got it. I wont go into the whole long drama but let me say that when you go into the dr.'s office and they say, you need to go to Children's Hospital because something is wrong with your son's heart.... well, I still cry over this. My son healed and luckily with no anerysums but he has never been the same. I believe that the trauma to his body just changed him and maybe even caused the mild autism. I participate in as many KD studies as I can because this is horrifying to a parent, let alone the child. Please take the time to read about my wish and this cause and see if you can find it in yourself to donate so a cure can be found.

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thaliris said...

Thank you for your post on my blog Sarah!

This terrible disease, I do not know! You have of living things scary!
Sweet thought for you and your family ...

You did a pretty blog with the kit ... it's beautiful!

Links Kit "Dream in Blue" now work! hihi ...

Good day


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