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belated Nov news...

Yep... its December. I know. Thanks for the heads up. Goes to show you how far behind I am on just about everything. Seems to me that life just stopped around the, oh, I guess the 23rd or so of October. Yea, a while ago. Wanna know what happened? Well, I wont bore you completely.

Basically, had a school function that required ALOT of prep work from me and the one other parent volunteer I could wrangle... plus lots of nights working late and then being at the school working on stuff all day... etc etc.. ya get the picture right? So, day after Halloween, I wake up sick. Yucky sore throat and stuff... just a cold but annoying. Then the kids get it and the hubby and for those of you with kids and hubbies, ya know how bad this is. Right, right. Moving on... finally get better and then we have several store visits (for work) in a row, leading up to the President (of the company, not the USA) stopping by which results in one really long shift... like till 5am. Yea... long long night. But we were great and the next week is the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY... OH... FYI - if I am moving really fast, its because that's how my life moves.... zoom zoom zoom - so Black Friday.... {insert evil laugh}... I get the 8:30pm Thursday night to 5:30am Friday morning shift. Its crazy crowded, its hot (because the A/C shut off thinking we were all in bed), half the people don't understand me (I don't speak Spanish), it goes on and on. But in the end, I stumbled home tired... but happy. I managed to get an awesome jacket at PacSun for 50% off... it was my size and the ONLY one there... I had been eyeballing it a few weeks prior but they didnt have my size. Destiny, I think. Went home and pretty much crashed because by now its after 7am and I have been awake a very very long time and those two Monster Loca Moca Energy drinks have long worn off. My MIL very generously had volunteered to watch my kids since she knew I would need sleep and hubby had to work - who knew the the day after Thanksgiving was a busy golfing day. Not me... Anyways, so hubby took the little devils to gramma's and my eyes were shut solid long before they walked out the door.... and they stayed shut.... until 5pm that night. Yep... I slept a long long time! Got up for a bit, ate, etc and pretty much went back to bed. I had to work the next 2 night so I need the energy. Skip past those two work days and you have Monday, Nov 30. I am feeling the need to scrap and stay up till 4am scrapping. 3 layouts done but I wake up in the morning sick... again! By Tuesday afternoon, I am running a fever of 102, so I lay on the couch with my BUG until hubby comes home and then I pretty much pass out... until Thursday night... yep! When I get a fever, I go out for the count. I am feeling alot better now, well rested. Just full of snot like you couldn't believe. But guess what I got a few hours after rising from the depths of my comfy bed... a little BUG with a temp of 101.7 and the sniffles. Ugh... yea, that means he cant go to school. So my one day home that I feel kinda decent, I have a sick kid with me. And of course this story cant end like that... nope. The other kid comes home from school sick... coughing up a small lung and spewing germs all over me.... again. I love being a mom. Yep. germs too.

Ok... was that alot? That is exactly how things go for me. Does it go like that for you? Well, if you made it thru all that then I want to share some recent layouts. Of course, these layouts are created with kits that I got for free - in exchange for working with and promoting the kit - blah blah... don't like it, don't read my blog .

So these first two layouts are created with a kit from CONNIE PRINCE called HEY SANTA. If you haven't seen Connie's stuff yet, then you are missing something. Plus, the girl is a kit machine. I think she cranks out a new kit every day. If you click on the layouts, it will take you to the Gotta Pixel Gallery and you can get more info on the kit there in the layout credits (and you could leave me some lovin'). Ok. Connie sells at Gotta Pixel and Elemental Scraps so click on either store name to check out her shop! She always has great deals and kits for $1 or $2... cant beat that.

This next layout was created just tonight during a speed scrap at Gotta Pixel hosted by Connie herself. I love her speed scraps! So much fun. Well, I used another of Connie Prince's kits, this one is called Deck the Halls. Isn't it cute? Click on the layout for the full credits because I used a couple of things that weren't Connie's.

This next layout is one of my favorite one's lately. First, I just love the photo! I used one of My Four Hens Photography Actions on it... can't remember which one off the top of my head but its one of the almost sepia ones. If you havent checked out Sarah's shop with all her amazing actions, do! And then follow her for great sales. I NEVER EVER used an action and then bought some and and now I use them each time.

Ok, back to the layout... hehe... this one is created from a new kit by Michelle Underwood Designs called Vintage Holiday Memories. Michelle sells at 2 Peas in a Bucket, which is a fun place that is both paper and digi!!!.

And that's it. I had 2 more layouts lined up but then realized they aren't released until Monday... so confusing for me to be early on a layout. hehe So come back to see 2 more adorable Christmas layouts.... from Digi-Designs by Nicole.


Snowsmoon said...

WOW, Sarah I so know what you mean. Although I don't have little ones at home with me, I know about being sick for the last few weeks as well. And why is it that we (or at least I) get sick this time of the year. Crafty people don't have time to be sick this time of year. LOL.

Your layouts are awesome and thank you for sharing them and your story with us. I so hope you and your family have the Happiest and HEALTHIEST Christmas and New year!


Caryn said...

Girl, you crack me up! I was out of breath just reading that! Sorry you've been sick :( But glad you're feeling better and glad to see you've got lots of mojo - love the LO's!


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