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All the kings horses....

Hmmm... I have nothing to say about Humpty Dumpty but I couldnt think of any other Royal/Highness/King/Queen songs.  I think I play with babies too much to have that song in my head.

I just wanted to give a quick shout to let you know about 2 special people and where you can find them now!  First up is LouCee Creations.  She has opened up.... well, re-opened up her shop at DSO and you can find her there exclusively!!!!  And she is giving you the royal treatment by having a 55% sale!  HOLY MOLY! 

Isnt this ad the cutest?  It should be because it is made with her newest release, A Royal Wedding.  So if you like it, you should go grab it up now while it is only $2.25!!!  

LouCee Creations is also my newest FAV Commercial Use designer.  Her stuff is TOP NOTCH... I kid you not!  All of her kits and CU items are QUALITY CHECKED by someone else, other than her!  So 2 sets of eyes means great stuff for you!!!  Look at these two new items and then check out the rest of her shop!

Ok next up.... Guess where Ellie Lash is guest designing at this month?  Any guesses?  Hmmm... well, let me show you then... lol

oh... what is that up there? ^ ^   I see... Ellie is guesting at Creative Mundi this month!  And she created this extremely beautiful kit that is exclusive there.   Check it out and maybe you will find other things there you like too!  And keep on waiting for where her next official home is!  LOL.... I was hoping to tell you today but not yet.  Sorry!  :)

Thanks for stopping by to read this!  I sure hope you check out these awesome ladies!  And if you are looking for the blog train, its the post after this! 

1 comment:

LouCeeCreations said...

I love Ellie's stuff!
how about Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been, I've been to London to visit the Queen...
hehe.. now another one to get out of your head!


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