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Love me tender - her love affair with house

Yes, there is a strange story to this picture. And no, it isn't me! Ha ha! That is my sister, Amber. She LOVES House... So one day she finds a letter on her doorstep with her name on the front in cut-out newspaper letters. Inside, she finds this picture with a letter saying I know what you did, again in cut-out newspaper letters. Apparently it was made by some of the ladies in her ward. Silly girls!! I have recently discovered House and am addicted. So I stole this pic from my sis's blog and decided to scrap it for the Speed Scrap I hosted at Digi-Designs by Nicole's forum last night. And let me tell you, it is alot harder to come up with the instructions and\or layout to host than it is to do the speed scrap.

I used the FREE kit called "love me tender" by the awesome and generous Linda of Bon Scrapatit Designs. If you have never been to Linda's blog, then you are surely missing out. You get superb freebies and loads of chatter!


kladle said...

Great layout as always! I too love house. Unfortunately, I miss it half of the time. Love the story behind the LO!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Sarah darlin', this is ABSOLUTELY stunning girl and you are SOOOOO creative in your scrapping!!! WOW! Great photo swipe from your sister and how funny this is. I was just on my Facebook and a friend had just joined this actor's fan club (I've already forgotten his name, how bad is that!) and the first thing I noticed was that we share the same birthday, although he is five years my junior!!! I've yet to watch HOUSE, but I guess I am missing something good, eh? LOL!

I have butterflies in my stomach for our Ms. Vicki whom I chatted with briefly before she was retiring for the night in her hotel room in London! I am just TOOOOO excited for y'all getting to meet and you just have to tell us ALL about it!

Thank you SO much for visiting me and for your SWEET and DELIGHTFUL comments - you are a DOLL!

I would SO love it if you would add your GORGEOUS layout to the guestbook on my blog as inspiration and eye candy to those who visit!!!

Seeing your layout makes me realize all the more that I DO need to get around to a CT call here pretty soon, especially once I start at DC and the other store which I will announce once they have finished with their face lift and name change!

Gosh, I sure can rattle on, can't I??? Have a GORGEOUS day sweetie!

Linda *hearts*

Debbie said...

This is too cute! Love that the girls she works with did that, and they you scrapped it wonderfully! I too am a House addict, actually, most of the women I know are. And the men just don't get it, lol!

Brittney said...

I love the story behind this! So funny! Great LO! And I'm glad to know you weren't just scrapping some random picture of House! LOL

kladle said...

Hey chica, just thought I'd tell you I left you an award on my blog! Have a great weekend!

amberd. said...

What the heck! hahaa! I am LOVING this! My moment with house has a permanent home in the scrapbooking world! Oh my...if only he really did look into my eyes that way! I seriously have the hots for that guy! Someone call the producers and get me a guest spot on the show!

amberd. said...

Thanks Sarah! That was thoughtful. I love the layout by the by. Dang...just so romantic isn't it? haha!

Snowsmoon said...

WOW, Sarah this is AWESOME...just stopping by to check out your blog and to get myself following.
Hugs and thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us.

Dawn aka Snowsmoon


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