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Tee Time.... FORE (watch your head)

Well, I have not been fond of blogging lately but I just had to share this kit! Its called Tee Time by Digi-Designs by Nicole and I think it is my favorite kit from her. Here is a preview of the kit and the image is linked to the shop!

My husband is a golfer... he wishes he could go pro but no money to go to the golf school. So my kids have been exposed to golf since day one. I can't tell you how many golf sets we have around here... from the small plastic ones that my 4 yo uses as weapons to the petite sized real clubs. I just wish that daddy had more time to take my oldest out to practice, after all, he does work at a golf course. But the life of a food and bev manager is a busy one with long days and nights.

Regardless, I have a ton of golf pics and scorecards to scrap so I know that I will be using this kit again and again (at least for a couple holiday gifts) and here are two layouts I made with it!

That's it about this kit. Maybe I will be back with more stuff, maybe not! I do want to share a fre other things. is having an activities photo contest. You take pics of activities you do with your kids and submit them. 100 days, 1o0 winners. You can enter HERE. I like this site for more than this contest though. I have been a member for almost 2 years now and it has lots of useful info on schools, education, worksheets and classroom fun, ways to incorporate learning into everyday fun and there are even groups you can join to connect with others like you. HERE is my profile page if you want to connect.

Another fun thing to do that helps kids who need books is to join Classrooms Care a joint effort by Scholastic and Peyton and Eli Manning. Basically the class decides which books to read and they read and pledge... 100 books by Dec 18th... that is easy. No money involved, just reading! Share this with your child's teacher and help get more schools involved!


Jewelle said...

Love the layouts! You already know I'm a fan of yours though! :D I really wanted to tell you thanks for the link. I had never seen this site before, but it is so helpful! We weren't able to send my daughter to preschool this year, but Texas schools are very rigorous, so I've been homeschooling her. Lack of "GOOD" activity sheets on the internet has frustrated me, but now I don't have to be! Thanks so much!!!

Nicole said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. Great post, thanks for sharing your layouts with us all... you rock!

Anne of Alamo said...

hey stranger than most!
love the golf baby!!
glad to see you pop your head up!!!


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